北大路 魯山人/Kitaoji Rosanjin




Rosanjin Kitaoji was a rare artist active from the Meiji era to the early Showa era. Across a diverse range of fields including calligraphy, seal carving, painting, ceramic, lacquerware, and cuisine, and he was also famous as an outspoken critic of the arts.

Born in 1883 into the family of Kamigamo Shrine in Kyoto, Rosanjin was immediately placed as an adopted child and moved between several foster families. He eventually became the adopted son of woodblock engraver artist Takezo Fukuda. At the age of 12, he was impressed by Seihō Takeuchi’s (1864-1942) “One Hundred Disturbances of Sleep (painting of sparrows and dogs)” and decided to become a Japanese-style painter. However, he was not admitted to a painting school, so he taught himself to improve his skills while helping his family business. His talent blossomed at the age of 15 when he won a calligraphy contest. Since then, he taught himself calligraphy, expanding his artistic range and establishing himself as a calligrapher. He had an extraordinary interest in gastronomy from a young age, further deepened his knowledge of food through his interactions with the wealthy and the fashionable of the time. In 1921, while running an antique store, he started a members’ diner, “Gastronomy Club,” which four years later developed into a ryotei (Japanese-style restaurant) called “Hoshioka Saryo (Hoshioka Tea House)”, where he was the head kitchen chef. In his pursuit of gastronomy, Rosanjin sought dishes that would bring out the beauty of the food to the fullest and began to create them himself. This was the beginning of his ceramic career, and he produced a number of highly original and elegant works using techniques such as Shino, Oribe, Bizen, and Shigaraki.

Rosanjin’s series of works, said to number as many as 200,000 pieces, were created freely and unrestrainedly based on his belief that ” Art is, in a sense, a reflection of the mood of the moment” and his original aesthetic sense. While they are tools for decorating flowers, tea, and food, they sometimes go beyond the category of tools and continue to delight people’s eyes.

北大路 魯山人/Kitaoji Rosanjin

北大路 魯山人/Kitaoji Rosanjin

北大路 魯山人/Kitaoji Rosanjin

北大路 魯山人/Kitaoji Rosanjin

北大路 魯山人/Kitaoji Rosanjin

作品名:銀彩 向

サイズ:H5×W12cm(セラミック 共箱)





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