八木 一夫/Yagi Kazuo





Kazuo Yagi, a ceramic artist, played a central role in the avant-garde ceramic artist group called “Sodeisha” in the post-war era. He was also a pioneer of object firing, rejecting the functional aspect of vessels and pushing the boundaries of artistic expression. He actively generated innovative and imaginative forms that challenged the established norms of the ceramic art world.

Yagi was born and raised in the Gojyozaka area of Kyoto City in 1918 as the eldest son of ceramic worker Yagi Issō, known for Kyo-yaki ceramics. After graduating from the Sculpture Department of Kyoto City School of Fine Arts and Crafts in 1937, he became an apprentice at the National Institute of Ceramic Research, where he was greatly influenced by his mentor, Kazumasa Numata.

After serving in the military and working as a teacher, Yagi devoted himself to ceramics. In 1948, he co-founded “Sodeisha” with Osamu Suzuki, Hikaru Yamada, Misuke Matsui, and Kanou Tetsuo, and the group continued to thrive for the next 50 years. Around 1950, Yagi explored new forms by incorporating images and patterns inspired by artists such as Klee, Miró, Picasso, and Ernst into his vessels. However, it was in 1954 when he gained immediate attention as an avant-garde ceramic artist with his piece “Mr. Zamza’s Stroll” inspired by Kafka’s “Metamorphosis” From 1955 onwards, he energetically created unglazed object-fired pieces. In 1964, he further pursued a higher level of plasticity expression through black ceramics. He created humorous works full of wit and originality one after another. His later works, particularly those featuring books and hands as motifs, are considered to have achieved a remarkable level of plasticity completion.

Although Yagi’s style initially seemed to reject tradition, having learned from the tradition-rich city of Kyoto, the center of ceramic art, he continued to create traditional tea bowls and jars throughout his life, alongside his avant-garde creations mentioned earlier. Without disregarding tradition, he infused his own thoughts and sensibilities into its foundation, thereby creating his own new tradition. It is through this process that we catch a glimpse of the essence of Yagi as a ceramic artist.

八木 一夫/Yagi Kazuo

八木 一夫/Yagi Kazuo

八木 一夫/Yagi Kazuo

八木 一夫/Yagi Kazuo


サイズ:H15.5×W16cm(セラミック 共箱)





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